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Microlight Helicopter Class in France

The Microlight Helicopter Class is now effective in France since 10 months. It became the 6th class of microlights, after Class 1 Paramotor, Class 2 Weight Shift, Class 3 Three Axis, Class 4 Augyro and Class 5 Airship. At this time four machines have received an identification index from our CAA. They are :

  • Kompress Charly I and II from Elisport (2 seats)
  • Runabout CH 77 from the same company (2seats)
  • Spirit Tandem from Cicare Europe (2 seats)
  • Mosquito XE from Innovator Technologies (single seat)

At that time,the 26th of November 2012, about twelve pilots get a licence and ten flying instructors are already in function, coming in majority from the “light certified helicopter category”.  As a transitional disposition, during still 12 months, if you get a instructor rating in the light helicopter category and if you are also a microlight instructor,  you could be a flight instructor by equivalence for this new class). The regulation is exactly the same for the 6 classes.

Source : European Microlight Federation


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