Aircraft Battery Charger 12V-2A

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Accu-Smart® is the essential tool for professionals and private users who owns stationary vehicles, as it allows recharging all types of lead-acid batteries. Once they are charged, the Accu-Smart charger can be left connected to the batteries during long time to maintain them at 100% of their capacities. This increases easily the battery lifetime.

Accu-Smart® : The advantages of the ultimate technology

LIGHT, COMPACT AND POWERFUL Accu-Smart®, electronic “switched-mode” battery charger, offers a much greater lightness, compactness and power compared to the old chargers using “linear-mode technology” with transformers.
PLEASURE AND EASINESS OF USE No need of handling or mode selection, the charger works automatically, without external intervention. Accu-Smart® disposes of a regulator which allows the totally secure charging of the battery, contrary to the chargers with older technologies. Once connected, the Accu-Smart® manages and regulates the charge of the battery. You can therefore leave it connected on the battery permanently.

TOTAL SECURITY DURING RECHARGE The Accu-Smart® chargers restarts in case of power cut and give a total protection against :

  • short circuits
  • inversion of polarity
  • peaks of voltage (AC or DC)
  • over-heating
  • spikes

They are also perfectly safe for the electronics of the vehicles; it is therefore not necessary to disconnect the battery from the vehicle before charging it.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN The modern design of Accu-Smart® has been developed following practical aspects.

  • Fixation cuts, allowing an easy hanging on the wall, in the workshop.
  • Both cords for the connection to the mains and on the battery are placed on the same side which makes the hanging of the charger easy and protects it from projections of water and dust.


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