Sennheiser HME 111 S1 Digital Noisegard Headset

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If you are just starting your career above the clouds or want to improve your flying experience, then up grade your headset with one of the new generation of Sennheiser S1 headsets. The S1 range will make your flying life so much safer and enjoyable, no matter if you start with the S1 Passive, the S1 NoiseGardTM or the top of the range S1 Digital – you will have a premium headset.

The features are listed for each model below: They all have the superb passive attenuation, ActiveGard for Peak-Level-Protection, which proves itself in daily use with single-engine and multi-engine propeller planes and helicopters. The S1 NoiseGard adds analogue NoiseGardTM / professional ensures a significant reduction in noise experienced by the pilot, to the Digital which processes digital sound processors and reduces all the damaging noises that affect your hearing, and also has smart adaptive noise cancelling which is controlled by the pilot for peck protection producing the best possible sound quality in all forms of transmissions and control tower communications.

Class leader for hearing protection
• NoiseGard™ / digital adaptive noise cancellation
• Adaptation of the noise cancellation to the actual noise situation at the push of a button. This allows the user to react to varying engine sounds during the different stages of the flight.
• High passive noise attenuation
• 3-stage treble boost, individually adjustable for each side to increase speech intelligibility
• Sennheiser microphone capsule
• Superb passive noise attenuation
• Plus Digital NoiseGard™ processor
• Plus Digital Adaptive NoiseGard™ processor
• Excellent audio quality: Clarity of Audio hearing and speach transmition
• Extremely comfortable due to adjustable headband contact pressure and ear pads specially designed for spectacle wearers

Superior wearing comfort
• Adjustable contact pressure of the ear caps
• Ear cushions with especially soft zone for (sun) glasses
• Balanced, low weight
• Ergonomically shaped headband
• Flexible microphone boom

Delivery Includes:
1. Transport Case for Headset and Accessories
2. Belt Clip
3. Cable Clip
4. Reference Guide
5. Wind and Pop Screen
6. Instruction Manual


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