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How to mount your iPad on the cockpit GlareShield

cockpit Mission ipad attached to glareshield

The iPad is a great tool in the cockpit with its big touch green and the right navigation software it is a good alternative for the more expensive navigation avionics.

I was looking for a setup which allowed me to fly without hindrance of the stick or blocking my outside view and at the same time have the iPad screen within reach. cockpit Mission ipad attached to glareshieldThe solution that met all these requirements was a RAM iPad holder attached to the glareshield of the cockpit. The double socket arm allows to rotate the iPad cradle in almost any angle. Below the different components of my setup :

RAM holders also exist for iPad air or the iPad mini. The socket arm comes in the different lengths : standard (9,37 cm),  short (6 cm) and long (15 cm). The RAM products come with a lifetime warranty, the holders are made of high strength composite.  The complete configuration can be bought as separate items or as a complete set in the FlyForFun pilot shop.

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Good Pilot Magazine

It has been a long time since I added a post to the website, but I wanted to share this tip with you. Some might have already seen some of the pilot training video’s from Jason Schappert from MZeroA, if not you should definitely have a look. Since end 2013  Jason has also a e-magazine called Good Pilot Magazine available in the Apple iTune store, and it is free after registration. It features some of Jason’s video and practical tips to become a better pilot, to use Jason’s own words “Because a good pilot is always learning”.


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The EASA approves Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro for iPad as Electronic Flight Bag

The iPad has not only had a major impact on enterprises and consumers, it is now also changing the way of working for pilots. Many ultralight & sport pilots already use iPad apps for flight preparation and navigation.

Recently the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has approved Jeppesen FliteDec Pro iPad app for use as Electronic Flight Bag (EFB).

The report states, “The EASA Operations Evaluation Board (OEB) sees no technical objections to the grant by National Authorities of an operational approval for the use of Terminal Charting (TC) Pro iOS and Flight Deck Pro iOS software applications taking the recommendations in this report into account.”  This endorsement clears a path for EASA-based certificated operators to gain Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approvals for the operational use of Jeppesen’s iPad applications, and thus further accelerating the tablet EFB revolution.

Because the iPad applications can be used in all phases of flight, integration of tablet EFB allows wide-scale reduction of paper flight materials resulting in substantial fuel savings while providing crew-based mobile platforms as key building blocks towards the ultimate goal of the connected digital airline.

More information can be found on Jeppesen website, here.